A few good mosses

As Gracie and I continued on the Tuesday outing, I dropped to my knees for the closeups. No need to go far to find awesome stuff.

This green moss was the first drop to my knees photo.

Fissidens is a pretty distinctive species and it is one I can remember LOL.

Still plastered on my knees, this moss was right next to the other moss above.

The fine leaves are beautiful!

Not moving except to twist around a bit, a third species of moss!

This one looks different to me as well.

Curly leaves moss! I think this is Weissia. The variation among the mosses are awe-inspiring!

Lastly, the capsules of Weissia moss! Most of the mosses I saw on Tuesday were not blooming. At least five different species in one small area! Pretty awesome!

Here is a group all crowded together. Often times, one moss can be more dominant in a patch. However, a close observer can often find several species in one small area.

Blow me goose down! Cold and windy today. Temperatures ranged between 26 and 36 degrees. High wind gust here was 21 mph. Certainly, that must have been the culprit here. LOL. FYI, the cardinal is not afraid of the goose or the duck head on the bucket any longer. 🙁 and continues his fight with his nemesis in our windows.

A Weed is But an Unloved Flower

Scientists Pull Animal DNA Out of Thin Air Thanks Judy!

How Five Hibernators Chill Out During Winter

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know.


  1. Yes. The concept of weeds is only a Western social construct. A white-lined sphinx does not consider a pink evening primrose a weed.

  2. Yes thank you Suzanne.
    My “weeds” are the ragweed that invades my vegetable garden or the nonnative invasives that I fight. Everything else is an awesome plant. Well I guess all these little mesquites that pop up everywhere could be considered a weed. I think in a nuclear holocaust mesquite will win over the cockroach. And the thorns on the young plants are especially wicked.

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