Stay inside day?

Well, for me there is no choice…I must take Gracie for her walks. And as my Dad used to tell my brothers and me, you need to get outside to get the stink off! Translation: The kids have too much energy to be in the house LOL.

Gracie has quite a bit of bounce on cold days. Here she leads the walk.

All bundled and fogged makes it hard to see. However, Gracie says let’s keep going!

Frost on the inside of this crack. I bet there was a critter that had made this its snuggly place. Similarly on our mowed paths when there is a hole in the ground, I would see heavier frost at the entrances.

Frozen in place! Actually it never goes far because the decoy is anchored down LOL.

A water feature in our woods.

If you could see wind, do you think this is what it would look like frozen in place?

A slug trail on the concrete sparkled!

Truly this cardinal is a little mixed up. He seems to be protecting its territory from the “male in the window” by fighting its reflection. So this is not an uncommon behavior for males to do during the breeding season. Indeed, someone should tell him, its a bit early. First we put a brass duck head on a bucket at the front door. where he had started. Then we put this plastic goose in front of another window to discourage him. But wait, now he started to use the goose as a launching pad. So obviously he knows this goose is not real, but still he is not sure of the brass duck head. To sum it up, this guy has banged his head one too many times LOL.

Finally, a look at the low temperatures in the area…

Greenwood, our house – 15.6

Decatur Judy – 15

Bowie Jeanne – 18

Alvord Susan – 14

Denton Dorothy – 11 or 12

Fredericksburg Kathy – 21

Norman OK Claire – 12 with a light dusting of snow last night

In Dallas, Alan had a low enough temperature to make his Frostweed frost.

In brief, it is cold! Therefore, everyone might consider having a hot bowl of soup LOL.

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Keep looking!

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  1. That swirled water if really nice. Never seen anything like it. I also had slug or snail trails on patio. Its was a cold day.

  2. Tbe frozen water sculptures are wonderful. Would be cool to see time lapse of them melting.

    Great article but sobering.

  3. Got to 19 this morning. No frostweed shows this year, just like last. Our first freeze knocks it back then too much time goes by before another hard freeze. by then the sap is gone. Plus we are so dry I’m sure that helped dry it out between those hard freezes that were like a month apart.

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