A closer look

As we headed up the ravine, we hopeful to find new and exciting stuff. So whether we shine a light or climb up a slippery slope or just gaze upwards, we look!

Shine a light into a hole! Rarely do we ever find anything. However, one time a mouse stared back at us. So being ever hopeful, we shine the light 😉

How big was this Red Oak? It was this big!

Thanking the tree, a hug was given!

Finger-like branches reach for the top. The ravine is about 25-30 feet deep.

A close view of the top. The shadow reminds me of Gumby, the toy!

I saw a feature that I decided I needed a photo on this log.

Naturally, it is on the slippery slope!

And limbs and briars to go through!

So I had set my sights on it! Using this sight LOL!

Not sure of the creature, but I think it was looking back at me!

We leave no place behind for getting a closer look!

These shear sides give us an opportunity to see root structures. In this case, it is Old Plainsman (Hymenopappus scabiosaeus var corymbosus). The long tap root almost to the top of the photo! And still it went further in. In brief, go slowly for the closer look!

“Mystery of Manu” – A Strange Tree in the Amazon Rainforest Left Scientists Scratching Their Heads for 50 Years

Scientists Unravel How and Why Amazon Trees Die & Why Tree Mortality Is Increasing

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know.


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