The bowl

Ok, today will be the last of this outing’s sights. As always, it was wonderful!

To get the photos required laying on my side and using the rock to hold me up and against the side. And it was worth the stretch!

Next a step back to give you a full view of the half bowl!

These nodules seemed to be getting squished out the seam!

Next, is this nodule! The front part was snake like.

From below, the same rock as above!

This one had a coating of green algae!

Both of the above in same photo.

A wedge shaped extrusion!

It just amazes me the different shapes left behind.

Lots of bubbly knobbies!

A funnel shaped knobby!

With the green algae and the orange of the rock, it looked like the spine of a mountain!

We left, leaving our shadows. Oh wait the shadows followed us home LOL! So until the next adventure, we look forward to it soon.

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know.


  1. So many cool shapes and colors. My walk today as explained in the previous day’s comment first took me up the eroded ditch as it leaves the coastal field and before it becomes our Sand Creek. Right in the start of the erosion ditch I decided to sit and look. I found it interesting how the different parts of the soil would separate when rain runoff brought it down. There was coarse sand, fine sand and crusty pieces of dried silt/clay all separated out by their weight and ability to be taken by the water. It just left me in awe like in your photos how there is so much to see if we pause and look.

    1. What wonderful observations! I go slow, but do not stop and just sit as much as I should. However, yesterday I did sit in our woods for a few minutes to listen. I heard the kestrel in the field, the chickadees overhead gossiping about the day’s events, and a Yellow-crowned Warbler whistling, and someone pecking around for their afternoon meal. We should stop and listen to the conversations. Thanks Kathy!

  2. The nodule in the photo with this caption: “It just amazes me the different shapes left behind.” looks like a lizard sunning on the rock.

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