Fine day at the grasslands

Yesterday was a fun day to be on the grasslands. Moreover the weather was perfect!

The sky was clear blue as we started on top of the ridge.

Fossils and lichens are found in and on the limestone.

A large wet area had bird tracks! I hope they found a meal.

A fishing bobbin! Not sure why it was there. The water has never had fish LOL. It is really shallow. However, some water plants can be found there, like Blue-mud Plantain (Heteranthera limosa) and Burhead (Echinodorus berteroi).

Some of the Whitlow Wort had turned red!

White Honeysuckle’s (Lonicera albiflora) red berries were still plentiful.

The deep ravine! Lots of cool plants can be found in this ravine. It has a seep that always seems to run.

Our group was not looking for anything in particular. Michael was there to learn more for a book he is planning on the LBJ National Grasslands. Michael has published a book called The Wild Lives of Reptiles and Amphibians: A Young Herpetologist’s Guide.

A close up the Spinystar (Escobaria vivipara var radiosa)!

We split it open. Suzanne said it was sweet. Of course, then we set the seeds free! And FYI, it is possible to grow this cactus from seed. So for tomorrow’s post, it will be down the hill.

Citizen Zoo Is Rewilding the UK, One Grasshopper at a Time

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know.


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