Sunrise and sunset

We were up before the crack of dawn. We had a whole day of work ahead of us so I will not be posting the photos of the grasslands today. Instead, I am sharing the beginning and the end of the day with you.

As Gracie and I did our quick walk this morning, the fog was fairly heavy. The power poles are about 1/8 miles away.

The Meshweavers webs stood out!

It is a mystical morning in our woods!

I was going to share a video of the birds visiting with each other mainly geese and crows, but the sound was hard to hear in the video. The fog seems to amplify their conversation, but apparently only to me LOL.

As we headed back to the house, the fog had lifted some towards the west.

To the east, the fog was still fairly thick. The sun was trying its best to burn off the fog.

The sun did finally come out late in the day. We even got a sprinkle, but it did not slow down our working.

And then the day was over with this spectacular sunset! Tomorrow, hopefully I will have time to work on the grasslands photos.

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know.


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