Along a creek

If you have been following along with my posts, you know we almost always end up in a gully or creek. That day was no exception LOL. The following is what we found that day along the creek.

Can you think of a more enchanting place? Not me either!

As we gazed upwards, this magnificent Red Oak bares it root system with us.

Clinging to the side of the embankment, it was in a gnarl with vines and lichens!

The mint-green Leprapia lichen had found a home! The roots had these interesting knobs on them. And the Virginia Creeper vine emerged from the earth at the base of the creek bank, then climbed the tree.

Really squinting my eyes, I see a person with a mask. At least that is what I see today LOL.

Next, a nest of puffballs make this stump home! A quick search led me to find out that a mushrooms in close proximity are called a cluster, troop or gregarious. A cluster is when the mushrooms either fused together or packed tightly against each other. A troop is a close group, but not as close as in a cluster like the mushrooms in my post Frostweed and the next log. Furthermore if the group of mushrooms are even more scattered than a troop, it is called gregarious. So first description of a nest of puffballs, should technically be called clusters that are gregarious. I hope I can remember this.

Snack anyone?

In this case, the puffball is not ready to spread its spores.

A root slithers down the bank. I see two reptile eyes at the bottom. Well, my imagination is working.

The sunlight brought out the colors in the Carolina Buckthorn’s bark!

A fossilized egg laid by an extinct, human-sized turtle holds a rare jackpot

Macro Photos Reveal the Hidden Beauty of Seeds

Meat-Eating “Vulture Bees” Sport Acidic Guts and an Extra Tooth for Biting Flesh

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know.


  1. There are so many enchanting places in the grasslands. Thank you for taking us there. And the article with seed photos is enchanting itself. Beautiful.

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