Just cold?

It was pretty chilly yesterday, but we were surprised to find the following…

We approached the Texas Spiny Lizard with caution. Because sometimes critters will dart away when threatened as I am sure many of you have observed. At this point, I wondered if it had gotten caught out in the cold.

Slowly I got closer and still no movement!

After I took this photo, I nudged it. Still no indication whether it was alive or dead. I backed away and decided to check later in the day.

So later that day it was still there! And it had warmed up to 60 something.

It was obvious now it was dead 🙁 and not just cold. I surmised some other critter must have dropped it. It still in the same spot. No insects have found it yet. Maybe when it warms up a bit more tomorrow, the scavengers will find it!

So how many of you got up to see the eclipse last night? I did not. This is what I saw this morning. Both Suzanne and Jeanne were up to witnessed it and were impressed. Now I wished I had gotten up. Oh well, I will just wait for the next special one. LOL

Broad Survey of 1,800-Plus Monogenetic “Young” Volcanoes in the US Southwest

A First in Fossil Research: Seeds Sprouting From 40-Million-Year-Old Pine Cone Encased in Amber

Plant of the Month: Elderberry

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know.


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