Yum for the spider

Can I find anything at home of interest? Of course I can! Here are today’s finds!

A Garden spider (Argiope aurantia) still is active!

In this case, the spider got a Texas Paper Wasp (Polistes apachus)! I can not recall seeing a wasp as prey before. Usually they get beetles and grasshoppers around my house. Do you think it was a treat for the spider or just another nutritional meal?

The colors on the backside of a peeling Honey Locust!

The Meshweaver web!

Cup ‘n Saucer web!

Fungi are starting to fruit!

The above mushroom had light cocoa short gills. Looks like it has three different lengths of gills.

Some one must have been real hungry! And made a hole clean through!

Snakes Diversified Explosively After the Dinosaurs Were Wiped Out 66 Million Years Ago

The Moon’s Top Layer Has Enough Oxygen To Sustain 8 Billion People for 100,000 Years

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know.


  1. Found an Argiope out by my garden today and fed it a grasshopper. and remember that red grasshopper I found weeks ago? It has stayed on the blackberry plants all this time. Got better photos this time. And i uncovered a cool mushroom today and forgot to go back and photograph it. this reminds me. Thanks!

    1. Oh no, did you feed the red grasshopper to the spider? Weird about the red grasshopper staying in the one spot. Must have been partial to blackberries. And I look forward to seeing your cool mushroom.

  2. An argiope spun its web just below a paper wasp nest on the back wall of my house this summer. All I ever saw it eat was wasps.

    1. Interesting for sure. Seems it would be a risky move. It must have had a secret method. I have seen the Argiope get a hummer and almost get a chickadee. The chickadee escaped by leaving its tail feathers behind.

  3. iNaturalist shows that my red grasshopper is a Spotted Bird Grasshopper, the one usually with the neon green colors on it.
    I forgot to photograph that mushroom and today it doesn’t look like much. It was under one of my pots that was sitting on top of mulch. And as wide as the gallon pot. Kind of flat but gilled. No stem. And gooey.
    Oh and no I didn’t feed the red grasshopper to the argiope. That thing was huge and I would not have been able to get it to stick to the scant webbing. found a smaller one to adhere to the web.

    1. Certainly interesting that some grasshopper species have different colors. Guess like humans have different colors too! Poor little grasshopper, but yeah for the big one 😉

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