No dogs

On the first visit to the grasslands, we took the dogs with us. However on this day, we went without the dogs so we could go down in the ravine.

So down the hill we went!

Milkweeds seeds had been freed from the pod!

Here the remains of a burnt tree was like a window towards the bottom.

Stripes on a Red Oak’s acorn! In this area, the Red Oaks are the dominant tree with a few other trees like Post Oaks, Carolina Buckthorn to name a couple.

Down we went pausing to take a gander at a bird. Sorry I don’t remember what was seen.

Almost to the bottom, a root that had a strange appearance!

A view from above. The drop was eight feet or so.

Creeping carefully closer to the edge, this is a more direct downward view!

We made it to the bottom! And Claire took a break admiring the view.

And what a beautiful spot with the mosses and Maidenhair Ferns! We could not go as close as we wanted because it was slippery and the water was deeper.

A close look at the Southern Shield Fern!

Gazing upwards!

A selfie to commemorate the occasion! Tomorrow, we will head back up to the barrens!

This Colorado ‘solar garden’ is literally a farm under solar panels

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know.


  1. I know how beautiful milkweed seeds are but didnt realize how pretty the acorn is till your pic. The article on solar farming is great.

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