I know this scientist!

Paula Cimprich (I know her) and Andy Boyce wrote this “GPS Tracking Technology Allows Scientists to Fly With Curlews on Their Epic Migrations“. It is some exciting research!

So this morning I had a mission! And Gracie was going to help. This is at home however before we left for the grasslands. Just too pretty not to show. LOL

Deer! Tomorrow is the start of deer season. So be sure to wear your orange on the grasslands. The season runs from November 6th through January 2nd. I bet the deer will not be stopping to stare at people tomorrow.

The first find of the day at the grasslands!

It was a bit nippy this morning, so the moth was sluggish. I do not know this one’s name, but I do love the feathery antennas!

A gayfeather (Liatris) still hanging on.

Silky Aster (Symphyotrichum pratensis) were really pretty with the dew!

We also saw lots of Palafoxia. However I did not get a decent closeup photo of one. It is such a wispy flower. In this example, it is the little white-pink spots behind Jeanne and towards the left bottom corner.

The prairie had plenty of the Ladies-tress to observe! This is Plains Ladies-tress (Spiranthes magnicamporum). A surefire way to know this species is by its lovely vanilla fragrance! On this note, I am stopping for the day. In tomorrow’s post I will continue on with this adventure!

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know.


  1. Mary, I like your photo of Silky Aster. I checked on iNaturalist to see what other observations had been found on the Groasslands, but did not find any. Barrens Silky Aster (Symphyotrichum pratense) is what iNaturalist identifies the species. The species name is spelled a little differently.

    1. Alan, That is probably the most recent spelling of it, but same species. After you mentioned about it not being on INat, I looked on my grasslands list too. It was not there so it is a new species for the grasslands. I didn’t think to look at the list because I have seen it around for years. Thanks!

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