Certainly was much too warm for me today! Our high was 88 degrees! I am so glad it supposed to cool down again in few days. A chance of rain on overnight on Tuesday means my fingers will be crossed.

The Hunter’s moon is now waning gibbous at 86%. A fairly cloudy day to start the morning.

By the time we got to the northwest side of our woods, the colors were spectucular!

Is it lucky if a skunk crossed your path? I have always thought so. Unless of course a furry friend get sprayed. Gracie did not even notice this one.

Fall Aster (Symphyotrichum ericoides) starts the year as a scraggly plant. However as you can see in the fall it is fabulous! Texas Paper Wasp (Polistes apachus) appreciates it too!

The milkweed around my house does not have many seeds to go with the fluff. as in years past. 🙁 Still the fluff is pretty. Plant more and hope the insects visit!

Finally a brown scarab beetle. I have been seeing the dead ones only as of late. One more day of warm weather so don’t get too hot!

Squeezing in a final pic! The rain was so close, but yet so far away at 6pm. North Gainesville got some.

Western monarch butterflies have been vanishing. This week, a sanctuary saw thousands return.

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know.


  1. Oh wow to get to see a skunk. Looks like it had quite a bit of white on it. And asters! Boy I have been wrapping my head around Symphyotrichum species lately. We found a new (to me) species called Willowleaf Aster at our river. Species praeltum. I already knew we had ericoides (Heath Aster), patens (Spreading Aster) and drummondii var. texana (Texas Aster) here on the property. In my yard I added oblongifolium (Fall Aster) and lateriflorum (White Woodland Aster) brought with me from north TX. So that makes 4 species naturally occurring and 6 species total with my planted ones. Will these hybridize if planted too closely? One night last week I woke up and the brain started pondering aster species. In the middle of the night!

    1. Wow, you got some great asters. Yeah, I do the same thing in the middle of the night. But sometimes it helps to figure stuff out. Mostly, however, I just lose sleep. LOL

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