Back to wonderful North Texas!

In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy said there is no place like home. I agree! Today rain! And because it was, we started our walk earlier before the rain. We have gotten 1.73 inches at this moment (7pm). Certainly looks like there will be more!

First, we turned to the sunrise. I walked a little faster to get by the trees near the house. Certainly, we did not want to miss this beautiful sight!

Next, I wondered what the clouds behind us to the west were doing. Oh my GOSH, a rainbow!

The rainbow changed even more. And now a hint of a double rainbow!

As we walked further, the rainbow became more complete!

It was fading fast now, but is the pot of gold in our woods? LOL

Just as got back in the door from the walk, a light rain started. I was glad because we had left our umbrellas at home.

Similarly on the afternoon walk, there was a threat of rain. However this time I carried my umbrella. Here a Common Green Darner that seemed to just appear on the tree. I thought it must be cold as the temperature was now 64 degrees. When we got up at 6am, it was 80 degrees.

I tried to get some different angles while it was still.. Here was my last shot. I turned to look at the photos on my phone. And then it was gone. It felt very magical!

The crustose lichens on the Hackberry were standouts! The green and white stuff are different species.

Lastly, this small snail was out for a stroll ! Here is a link about the locomotion of snail…quite fascinating!

Sheila Strawn’s new book, Lichen Field Guide for Oklahoma and Surrounding States from BRIT is out. Sheila did a great job! She also did a Lichen Study Guide which is great for the beginner.

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know.


  1. The sunrise and rainbows were incredible. That doesn’t happen very often, does it. Wow wow wow.
    Well I can tell my forecast by your reports. Hot and humid here all day, very muggy. Has now gone down to 69 and am hoping I see your 64. They say there are 40’s in the forecast starting Saturday.

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