Shop window

In our house, we have a room we call the shop. This is where I have always done all my hobbies. My computer sits next to it and every morning we sit with our coffee/tea in front of it. Recently as I sat there, I started wondering about the “dirt” on it. On closer examination, I could see that the moths have been bumping it in the night leaving their scales behind. Some had hints of blue, pinks, and white when the sunlight struck them. Of course, this called for a look under the scope. Would the scales show the same colors that I could see with my naked eye? So today, I decided to check it out before it hopefully rains tomorrow (fingers crossed for the rain). Here is what I found!

First scale! There was some colors!

Second set were different shapes, but not much color.

This photo was a thing. LOL No clue what it might be. It is often the case that what I see under the scope will remain a mystery to me.

Here this scale had a grain of pollen on it.

Things again!

Indeed every thing under the scope is interesting even the edge of the glass slide.

Thing three!

Thing four!

Next up, a different shaped scale. Most of the scales I have observed so far have had the points on the end.

An example of lots of pointy scales and one flat top scale! And that is a tour of our dirty shop window! In conclusion, the scales did not show the same colors that I observed in the sunshine. So I guess the light has to hit the scales just right to reflect what colors I saw outside.

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know.


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