Whoa, two!

It would have been cool to see the change of the slime mold and fungus overnight as it happened, but I am not going to set that up. So these will have to do. But wait there is more 😉

Here is the Tapioca Slime Mold from yesterday and it did not grow. However it does appear to be drying out, see the crack.

The yellowish shelf fungus had a big color change. And grew a little bit as well. Here a Daddy-short-legs (Eumesosoma) was checking it out too. Now that is what I would call orange sherbet.

Next up, an Assassin nymph of some kind was on the Purpletop! It maybe the the smallest nymph I have observed. It was 2 -3 mm.

Additionally the Velvet Ant was out again today!

When I come back from the morning walks, I wipe my shoes off on the boot brush. The little Spiny Lizard is often hiding out there. However, it does not remain in its hiding place when I brush. Sorry guy.

Yesterday, I found these egg casings on Purpletop. It sure looks like the same kind as yesterday’s eggs.

Now a close view of the top of the egg casing tops.

So while I had my camera setup, I took a peek at the jello cup eggs. Whoa, two hatched! It looks like they are some sort of Hemiptera!

To illustrate scale, here is photo of the eggs. That is the alligator clip to the right.

As the day worn on, the nymphs turned darker.

Next a closer view!

My plans today were changed as I waited for a critter to emerge. The only two were the ones this morning that I didn’t see come out. Here is a time lapse movie. Indeed, the movement of the eggs were only noticeable with the time lapse. Pretty cool!

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know.


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