Fallen tree

This really was a beautiful lane. And did I mention it was in the shade. That makes it an good place to explore!

The tree had fallen and had this amazing root! I bet you can see the skull with its teeth? Of course it is the root.

A clump of Entodon seductrix moss had fallen down beside the tree. Here the seta was blooming.

Small pleated mushrooms were fruiting.

Now we look closer. Of course, there is much to see. For example, we find these orange slime mold!

In fact, we spent a good deal of time on this one rotten tree! Here is an immature millipede. At least I think it is immature. The two pairs of legs tell me it is a millipede.

Up close to a slime mold. In addition, the wood fibers look glassy-like.

Nearby, were these hairy yellow slime mold.

Then a mature millipede was trucking on by.

Wolf’s Milk slime mold, don’t you just love the name?

So this was really tiny. I am not sure if fungus, slime mold or eggs.

More slime mold! Sorta look like water towers, maybe for the fairies?

This slime mold were near those above so I wonder if these might be younger.

Last one for today’s post. These tiny (1/3mm) black apothecia was dotting a section of the log.

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know.

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