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I did not have a destination for our next stop after the False Foxglove location. So we headed towards Moss Lake.

Camp Howze near Gainesville, all that remains are the concrete footings. It was one of the largest training camps in the country during World War II. In addition, it also housed several thousand POWs. When it was closed, many of the farmers were allowed to buy back their lands.

A quick stop at Moss Lake. The white caps were barely visible. Moss Lake is a spring fed lake according to Shirley.

Gumweed or Saw-toothed Daisy (Grindelia ciliata) was at the lake shore.

North we went on the dusty gravel road. Here a beautiful native prairie! Lots of Big Bluestem was seen blooming that day, but not in this photo.

Next up was a dead end road where the trees arched over the road. This provides a perfect time to get out to stretch the legs. And of course, to look closer.

First find was this Milkweed Tussock Moth (Euchaetes egle) on Anglepod. No pods or flowers on the Anglepod this time.

At the tender tip of the Anglepod, were these yellow aphids.

A small tan mushroom sprouting up next to a fallen log.

I love the chocolate gills with the bright white stem. Below the mushroom you may have noticed the hairy golden brown slime mold.

How weird is this Stiletto Fly (Therevidae) stuck on Greenbriar? I believe it could be of the Pandivirilia genus and a female.

Of course this glowing bright orange fungus caught my eye! And we were still within 100 feet of the car.

More tomorrow as we walked further down the shady lane.

It is National Dog Day so if you have a furry dog friend, be sure to give him or her a hug!

Lastly, don’t miss this fledge food it is too funny…Thanks Claire for sharing!

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know.


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