So in the last post, we were about to head down into the gully. In the early part of it, the greenbriar became thick and out came the clippers. Indeed obstacles are part of the adventure!

Ok, it does not look too bad here.

However, it was not long before it was the only way to proceed forward, was with the clippers.

As per usual in the ditches, the mosses and ferns were abundant.

Frequently we need climbed over dead logs and some sported a cluster of shelf fungus.

The Turban Lichen (Cladonia peziziformis) is quite common on the banks.

Additionally, we found water that required us to go around.

Sometimes, you must go up to go down the creek!

A favorite find is Pixie Cup Lichen (Cladonia pyxidata)!

A sharp eye is needed to spot the Cladonia lichens among the mosses. For an example, we have the Pixie Cup Lichen (Cladonia pyxidata) and the Turban Lichen (Cladonia peziziformis). To illustrate how small these are, compare them with my finger. Both have squamules (scale-like lobes), which is the primary thallus (skin of the lichen). In this instance, the fruiting bodies are called podetia (the cups and the stems with the brown on top).

Keep looking!


    1. Yes, a day or so before. The hike was on Aug 3rd. We had a big rain late Aug 1st. We got 1.66″ but Decatur got 6.22″!

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