A movie star

Where did I find a movie star? Well, it is not famous yet, but with a face like it has, I think it truly must be its destiny! See what you think.

Pokeberry (Phytolacca americana) is a favorite of mine and for the birds that love to eat its berries!

This little cat was all wrapped up in a pokeberry leaf. Then I torn open its home to reveal it. Of course it follows, I brought home to be my new pet. LOL.

Therefore the photo shoot must began!

Thus its destiny was sealed…it was a movie star! Look closely and you can see that it is translucent. In this video, notice the dark color at its rear. You can actually see the frass/poop inside of it. And yes, that is some of its frass to the right as well.

Next I put it under the dissecting scope to get a closer look! Now you can really see its inners pulsing with the green chlorophyll! It just kept getting better.

Further more it was not done with its surprise…googly eyes! How can you not love it!

After I put it back in a jar, it wrapped itself in a pokeberry leaf. Currently, it is now in a comfy jar with no predators to get it. Meanwhile, I wait to see if it makes it to adulthood! UPDATE: As I looked at some other caterpillars I may have run across this one’s identity…it might be the Obscure Psara (Psara obscuralis).

Keep looking!


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