Next stop the creek!

So in today’s post, we reached our goal to the creek on the July 16th outing!

A broken stick colors were pretty and you can see where a boring beetle had been.

A black fungus is sometimes hard to spot.

The ants were actively removing sawdust from their home in this old log.

When the trees parted, we would find little pocket meadows. Here is a spiderwort.

Spotted Beebalm (Monarda punctata var intermedia) pops up in the meadows!

Most certainly this is an indication of a homestead when you run across plants like this yucca here all alone. I do not know what species it is.

Back in the understory, we came across Pigeon-berry (Rivina humilis)!

Nestled in with the Pigeon-berry was one lone Lopseed plant.

We made it to our goal, the creek!

The creek bed had a gravel bar. Carefully looking over the gravel bar we found Devil’s Toenails, an insect wing, and multiple of this Asian clam.

Immediately Jeanne recognized the hog jaw bone.

After that we saw a new plant for me at the creek…the Water Speedwell (Veronica anagallis-aquatica)!

Certainly I could have been overlooking or just ignored this small plant for years. And it is a native!

However on the 16th it did not escape me. LOL. The flower measures less than a 1/4 inch across.

Keep looking!


  1. Yay you made it to the creek! Water Speedwell is a good find. We have it down here but it is not common. So why does Enquist say that it is from Eurasia? And I’m curious about the Lopseed. Don’t think I know that one. Out comes the Flora book!

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