Big as plates

The fungus continues to amaze as I continue on with the grasslands outing from the 16th. I may not know exactly what species they are, but I still enjoy them!

The polypore shelf fungus were enomous!

The biggest one measured 14 inches across!

A close up the underside of the pores!

And closer still!

A long view of the cluster. What are similar grouping of mushrooms called? Apparently they can be called a group, a cluster or a troop. I like troop!

What I see more often is the two to five inches, like these tan striped shelf fungus.

The mushroom looked kinda like a sand dollar with bite marks, you think?

I am not certain but it maybe the Old Man in the Woods. However several mushrooms look very similar to it.

We split it open and it changed colors. When freshly sliced, it was a whitish color.

This is a one minute video (large file) of the mushroom changing color. . It take that long. If you turn up the sound, you can hear the birds chirping.

Showers today! The rain only amounted to about .15″. But the thing of it was, that each time I took Gracie for a walk I got wet.


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Keep looking!


  1. The closeup of the polypore is really cool. Like one of those mazes on paper. I like troop. And wow those are huge.
    My serenading bird today was the Bell’s Vireo. I can never photograph it to post on iNat for my life list record on there. Did see a bird with lightly barred wings with yellow down throat and front. Haven’t been able to figure it out yet and now it is gone.
    And our pet/semi tame deer follows me around now. We have a special feed and lots of culled peaches so she follows us like a begging puppy. We get to see her baby daily but it runs when it sees us. And it appears the barn fox did have a pup this year. Saw it on the game camera.

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