Rumble, tweets, and snorts

Today was a grasslands day! Gosh was it a great one. I took well over four hundred photos of interesting things. Don’t worry as per my usual many were repeats and really bad photos. Not included in the documentations were the rumbles, tweets and snorts. We heard the rumbles of a thunderstorm nearby, but never even got a sprinkle. The birds were tweeting early on. It was the usual suspects like the White-eyed Vireos, cardinals and such. And then there were the snorts of deer. Did not see them either. So as you can imagine I have a lot of photos to go through and it will be multiple posts.

Since I have so much to go through I will start the grasslands finds tomorrow. This Showy Grasshopper (Hesperotettix speciosus) on Honey Locust was from my afternoon walk with Gracie. She still expects a walk from me even though I was out exploring for five hours this morning. And I won’t disappoint her.

The Leafhopper Assassin Bug (Zelus renardii) apparently does not just dine on leafhoppers, but it a generalist diner. I found this one on the afternoon walk as well on a pecan tree.

Here is just teaser from today’s outing. And it is for Judy because she requested that I take a movie of the tiny puffballs.

So tomorrow I will begin showing the wonderful stuff we found today!


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Keep looking!


  1. I just got my Showy Grasshopper identified. So I recognized yours right away. We have tons of all sorts of grasshoppers this year. Like a plague. The Showy’s are usually in mating pairs. Another is genus Arethaea. That is a strange looking one. Speaking of deer snorts, our little pet we call Little Girl has had a baby! We saw her with the fawn last night and tonight again. She is letting it come about 30 yards from us, which is close compared to the more wild ones. No pics yet since it has been dusk each time. They are so cute though!

    1. We do not have that many grasshoppers this year. Maybe it was too wet for a good crop? I looked up the Arethaea and gosh it is an interesting katydid…the thread-legged katydids. Not sure I have seen one here. At least I don’t have a photo 😂

  2. Well shucks, i missed the video first time. It was to slow to come up. Glad Suzanne saw it. That was for me i know. Thanks☺️

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