On the Bois D’arc

We have this one particular Bois D’arc tree that just seems to attract the bugs. Every year I find lots of butterflies and other insects on it. The other Bois D’arc trees do not seem to have the same attraction.

Little Wood Saytr (Megisto cymela)!

Common Wood-nymph and the Texas Click Beetle (Alaus lusciosus) together. The adult click beetle diet consist of nectar and plant juice. This tree must be extra juicy!

Head shot.

Hackberry Emperor.

Click beetle and a Tachinidae fly.

The Click Beetle and Hackberry Emperor both feeding in the same spot! The beetle has been in the same spot for two days now.

Little flies on the jelly-like sap.

A snail on a leaf.

And someone ate a meal and is gone!

Juneteenth in Galveston – General Order No. 3 by Union Troops Marked the Official End of Slavery in the U.S.

Keep looking!


    1. I never noticed them as a kid ;-( The firefly was the only insect I recall taking an interest in. You had a fun childhood.

  1. I like all the insects pictured a lot. Those eyed click beetles are very cool, and all the varying shades of brown, gray and rust in the butterflies make such pretty combinations. Interesting about the attraction of that tree. Since sap is oozing from spots I wonder if it has a light borer infestation?

    1. Interesting thought about the borer infestation. I guess we will see what happens. If it is how long will it take to kill the tree? Do you know?

  2. I’m not sure that’s what it is – bois d’arc wood is so tough I don’t know if there are any borers that attack it. I was just trying to think of possible reasons why this one tree is so attractive to insects.

  3. That’s very interesting info, Mary. I’d forgotten that bois d’arc is in the same family as mulberry, which seems like a much weaker tree.

    1. I would never have guess they were in the same family. And so I looked it up too 🙂 a very hard wood used for furniture building. Mulberry is used for expensive furniture in Japan. Also found that mulberry is banned from the city of Tucson since the early 80’s, these trees are no longer sold at garden centers. This tree is also banned from Phoenix, Las Vegas, Alburquerque, El Paso, and Las Cruces. Too much pollen they said. The things you learn on the internet.

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