Two goals

Yesterday was a grasslands day. I had two goals: find two plants. The first plant (a grass), I had hoped that it would be up and blooming. The second one was a plant that I had not had on my radar before. This was a native plant that a botanist from Missouri wanted a cutting. Unfortunately we could not locate it. It might be too early for it to be blooming and it is a rather small rose. I will keep looking and hoping that the population has not been wiped out.

Cool Rove beetle!

This particular Prairie Gaillarrdia (Gaillardia aestivalis) was a spectacular one!

Western Scarlet-pea (Indigofera miniata) can be found blooming now.

This is often overlooked flower of the prairie. It usually stands alone scattered on sandy loam prairies. It is the Pink Milkwort (Polygala incarnata)!

Blackberries are a welcome treat when out hiking. I can not pass one up. This one was delicious!

Spotted Beebalm (Monarda punctata var intermedia) is just getting started. This view from the top was interesting to see the white at the base of the leaves.

A couple of the Spotted Beebalm were starting to bloom. Don’t pass up a chance to look closely at one.

Closer still.

Ever closer!

Texas Bullnettle (Cnidoscolus texanus) is one that you won’t forget if you have had an encounter with it.

The flowers are the whitest white!

Really pretty!

The hairs will leave you stinging.

The damselfly finds it a nice perch. Not me!

This was the first plant I wanted to find. Well the cows had other ideas. Apparently the cows really like it as they never touched any of the tender Little Bluestem all around it. This is what was left of the Eastern Gamagrass (Tripsacum dactyloides).

Keep looking!


  1. Which rose was the botanist wanting a cutting of? Rosa arkansana? Several people in our chapter grow it in their yard. Ask Rodney or Fonda although Fonda isn’t at her home so she may have to give you directions where in her yard it is. I’m pretty sure she has it. I have it but am just getting it started here. We also had it over at the horse trails near Celina down near the pecan bottoms. If it is Rosa setigera, Rodney has that one also.

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