The Rain Crow (also known as the Yellow-billed Cuckoo) was yakking about all the rain! Glad the sunshine returned this afternoon.  Well, it was the perfect day for seeing what FUN-gi had popped up.
On the morning walk, this caught my eye along the path!

What a beauty eh! Jim took this angle of it. Do you see the bird? Thanks Jim!
As per my usual, I had to cut it open to see if had a different color (sometimes they do).
The gills had the pinkish tint too!

Small yellow ones!

Stinkhorn lost its stink!

Hollow stem was the give away for it being a stinkhorn.

You can probably tell from the grass blades, this was a small one. I like the ridges on the cap.

Must be edible to something since it has been nibbled on.

These were almost translucent!

Just a pair!

This little yellow one stuck out like a candle burning!

Lots of nibbling!

Fairy fingers (Xylaria species) and little red fairy umbrellas?

This is what happens to Tapioca slime mold.

A nice brown cluster of mushrooms.

A crowd!

Close up.

Maybe a fairy tub LOL!
Another amazing tiny mushroom! This one I noticed while I was taking a shot of a moth.

I believe this is a different species from the other one I found the other day. Pencil lead is for size comparison. It seems to be a bit hairy and doesn’t have the skirt at the attachment point to the twig like the other one.  Pretty cool! 
And that was the FUN- gi today!

Article: Thanks Suzanne for sharing this article. Really cool!

The Ice Age Persists in the Upper Midwest, Where the Hills Breathe  

Keep looking!

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