Styrofoam peanuts!

Bewick’s wren nest with 4 eggs. After the size and color of the eggs, the twigs seal the deal for a Bewick’s.

The Bold Jumping spider! Don’t the white spots look like eyes and a mouth. I think the “eyes” look like they have eyelashes.

I saw this grass blade folded and wondered what did that?

Well, nothing was inside this time so I won’t know what critter did it.
Brown crab spider on a thistle leaf.  I think they are cute.
Gray Hairstreak on Prairie Parsley!

This could be a possible Tussock moth cocoon. It was at our garage door.

This is a Fruit and Flower Chafer (Trichiotinus assimilis).

A different flower chafer (Cetoniinae) in a Winecup (Callirhoe involucrata).
Closer view! Pollen sticking like styrofoam peanuts!

Keep looking!



  1. I love crab spiders but the cute face on the jumping spider is best. And love the pollen on the chafer.

  2. Judy, I agree that the jumping spider is a cutey! Sometimes the bold jumping spider has orange spots!

  3. I had a great little yellow crab spider on my coreopsis catch a pretty gray geometer moth the other day but I didn't get a picture. good stuff!!

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