Tis the season for nesting. This is a Bewick’s wren nest that has been started. I can tell because it is made of small twigs in a nest box.

First Bluebird egg in the nest box in the backyard. Notice the material the bluebird uses.

This is a chickadee’s eggs and nest. She uses moss, grasses, animal hair. This is actually the nest that had the dead bluebird in. She just pushed it to the side and built the nest.
Geometer moth. Sure interesting brown pattern!

The Ground-plums are popping up all over now. Love the spring!
Did y’all see the Worm Moon last night or this morning? It is pretty!

These photos were from yesterday. I got the itch and had to go out for a hike/driving tour today. I will post that adventure tomorrow.

Keep looking!



  1. I really appreciate the info on what bird builds with what materials. Is there a book that tells about that? Or just learn from observation?

  2. Kathy, It has been some of both. The book I refer to is Nests, Eggs and Nestlings of North America by Paul J. Baicich and Colin J.O. Harrison

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