A head banger…

I hear this banging coming from the dining room. What is Jim up to I wondered?  It was not Jim but our feathered friend looks to be back. 
Grrrr. I hope he does not do it too much or we will be putting up the screens and outside shade. A cardinal attacked the windows for several weeks last year.

Of course I don’t know if it is the same one from last year. He was persistent last year. Today, this one only did it a couple of minutes of head banging.
I thought I could see trash way up in the tree, but it did not look quite right.

A detour in the walk was necessary!

A cat-bird!  Well, I have never seen a Gray Catbird at our house. This maybe as close as it gets LOL. The cat had flown the coop by the afternoon walk. And no Gracie did not chase the cat up the tree. I don’t think she ever noticed it.


The remnant of an Earthstar from last year!

Goatweed Leafwing wing. Yum for someone!
And this…
Apparently  I missed checking this box after the big freeze for dead birds. Now someone is making a nest in the box. It might be a chickadee or a titmouse. Hopefully I will see. (This nest box is near the “sub”.)

And finally from my yard. These tulips have come back every year to bloom for at least 28 years. And it is not because I have a green thumb. I don’t.
A bird note: Suzanne has had her FOS white-eyed vireo yesterday. And Kathy (Fredericksburg) has had hummers for a week and her FOS white-eyed vireo today. I have not seen or heard either here yet. 
Thanks Jeanne for sharing the article!

Keep looking!


  1. The cat is too funny! I'm sure that is not what you expected.
    The cardinal reminds me of the titmouse we had last year. Besides our window it also attacked the car mirrors for over a month. I got really tired of cleaning up its mess on the cars too.
    I text Mary all my FOS in spring as an alert that they are coming. The other day I had texted her about the migrating sandhill cranes which sent her out looking and hoping. The funniest occurrence was when I saw a Lazuli Bunting down here years ago. She saw one up there that same afternoon. Could not have been the same bird so that species had moved its migration over a little and it was so funny how we both saw one the same day so far apart.

  2. Fun post! Last year I had a cowbird that attacked the transom window in my office, calling and displaying, for a day. His mate (I presume) sat beside him the whole time. Or maybe she was hoping the reflection cowbird would offer a better deal LOL. I never realized until then that they are territorial even though they don't build nests. And your tulip is definitely an outlier!

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