Rain drops and singing


Rain drops made this interesting pattern on sandy loam in our woods.

Colorful inside of a grasshopper leg. The color jump out as I walked along the path!

A Mexican plum flower blown off in the storm yesterday. Petals have already dropped.

The sepals look like a starfish!
Ten-petal Anemone with a small bee.

I thought this fungus was an interesting dark color. I thought it would be soft but it was rather hard to the touch.
The frogs were singing their happy love songs today!  Maybe one of you that know the frog songs and can tell me which species.

Keep looking!


  1. I agree with Claire. I had gone to TPWD herps and picked that one before I saw her answer. The AZA site has better recordings!!!

  2. Kathy, Thanks for your input too! I have a terrible time remembering frog songs. I have not heard of the AZA site???

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