We went fishing today on the grasslands for Trout…Lilies. What I do to find a particular species is use known location soil types and search on that. Today I searched on Unit 31. Here’s is what we found which I will post in several posts over the next few days.

The Eastern Tent caterpillars are coming out. I really love how they make such a tough protection “nest”. I don’t mind at all that they strip the plum tree of all its leaves. The leaves grow back soon after they move on. I’m sure they are excellent bird food, you know the circle of life!
They are quite beautiful in the later instars. Here they were a much more drab color and less than 3mm. 
Chickasaw Plum (Prunus angustifolia) blooms before the Hog Plum (Prunus rivularis) by a couple of weeks!


Wild Plum budding out. Some leaves are starting to leaf as well, but I didn’t take a photo.

Aromatic sumac or Skunkbush (Rhus trilobata)! The flowers will blossom out before the leaves.

What does your imagination see?

Beautiful large shelf fungus!

Another interesting piece of dead wood.

Closer view. The grains are so cool!

Are they kissing?

I liked the opposite side of the kissing tree as well.
Tomorrow I will continue on with “fishing” post. 🙂

Keep looking!


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