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The internet got fixed. YEAH!  Sorta miss it when I don’t have it. So on with the grasslands photos!
This is Coryphantha sulcata. One of the common names is Pineapple Cactus. It will have a pretty yellow flower with a red center. Note it has a center spine. 

Blue Funnel-lily (Androstephium caeruleum). It will have a light lavender color flower. It will stay low to grow and has a vanilla scent.

Another view of the first Trout Lily (Erythronium mesochoreum)!

Bright orange crustose lichen on wood.

A pretty shrubby Goldeye Lichen (Teloschistes exilis) plus other crustose lichens.
This is the back side of a Trout Lily. It can be quite bright too!

Wet nostoc! When dry, it looks crusty black.

This Rusty Blackhaw tree was weird how the branch had split. Then it went back together. Weird!

A cache of acorns!

Another Trout Lily!

Close up the the beautiful leaf color. 

Close up the Trout Lily’s flower. The flower points more to the ground.
I will do more grasslands photos in tomorrow’s post.

At home, the Whitlow-grass (Draba cunneifolia) is blooming at my house!

And the Chickasaw Plums are getting ready to leaf!

Keep looking!



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