Carol and Richard’s prairie

 It was so much fun yesterday to get out with a bunch of experts in the prairie. I always get to learn new stuff. Carol and Richard’s work show on their beautiful prairie, Clark Haven. Thank you for sharing it with us!

As I mentioned yesterday, it was quite damp out. Makes it too easy to find the spiders webs. I bet they don’t catch much on wet days.

These are deer’s jaw bones. I have a great little key for mammal’s called “A key-guide to Mammal skulls and Lower Jaws” by Aryan I. Roest. It has helped me many a time.

An old cardinal nest. Sorry Carol I didn’t mention it to you then for your wildlife report.
Cedar Elm (Ulmus crassifoliatree’s winged branch.

Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus virginiana) were really bright green!


I believe Carol said this was boneset (Eupatorium serotinum). Beautiful browns!

Hairy Bittercrest (Cardamine hirsuta) is a rather small plant.

The Hairy Bittercrest is a plant that I was not familiar with, THANKS Carol!

Lichens! They are at their most showy- ness when it is wet!
Another nest. This is possibly a sparrow nest. Note it is mostly made of grasses. The nest above had more sticks/twigs.

I saw this old box turtle shell and thought a little bird bath.

Carol might have mentioned which aster this was, but I don’t remember. It is a Symphyotrichum species.
The Indian marker tree.  Carol has not had it expertly confirmed she said, but sure looks the part. I will go with that. 🙂

The tree had great shelf fungus on it. I believe these are the common Turkeytail.

A top view.

Side view.
Cool feature on the Indian marker tree. Carol had a story about the Indian marker tree and Copperheads being there at the tree, but well I ignored that and got my photos. LOL.

Thank you so much again to Carol and Richard for sharing your prairie. It is always a delight to visit with you at your prairie! Oh and Carol has a delightful blog called Carol’s World. She has some great posts.
Tomorrow I will share the photos from Three Sisters farm.
Today’s weather was interesting. We started at 65 degrees. Then at about 9:30am,we had a 15 minute frog strangler of a rain. We got .62 inch.  After the cold front came through we had dropped to 51 by 2pm.
Our pond was almost empty before the rain. It probably went up 8 or 9 feet.

Sunset was pretty spectacular too!

Keep looking!


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