Cartoon or real life?

A true bug did not make it through the cold.

Yesterday’s rain of .71inch put a little bit water in our pond.

Yellow Flax (Linum rigidum).

My Engelmann’s Daisies (Engelmannia peristenia) are starting to come up.

The fungus looks velvety.

Bedstraw (Galium aparine) starting to come up.

A fallen log.

All the black looking stuff on the above photo are jelly lichens.

I love to watch the fallen trees rot back into soil. They just disappear.

Moss was pretty.

Old horseapple from a Bois d’arc (Maclura pomifera) tree.

This is incredible neat photo by Kathy! It is just like the cartoons pulling the worm out of the ground. So the cartoon was inspired by real life! 

Yum yum! 
Thanks Kathy for sharing with us your really cool American Robin photos!

Keep looking!



  1. Yesterday morning on my neighborhood walk I saw several pieces or partial earthworms in the street. Given the number of robins roaming our neighborhood I'm guessing they are the reason why.

  2. Since I can't join y'all in person I'm glad to have something to share and connect us.
    I love that Mary does this blog. It is second best to being there.

  3. Kathy, Sure miss having you join us! And thanks again for sharing your photos. We get a little bit of the Hill Country robins!

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