Pausing on the Tuesday’s grasslands photos.  The ice today wins 🙂   Our temperature ranged from 25 to 29 with a 91% humidity. I did see 3-4 flakes of snow in our woods at 11-ish. 

The sidewalk had this ice on it early this morning!

The field and the neighbor’s haybales were getting ice on them.

It amounted to a millimeter or so on the plants.

Ice on the gate like yesterday but a tad thicker.
The mailbox got a nice coating but luckily the door was not frozen shut. My bird feeder lid in the our woods was frozen shut so seed just got spread on the ground.


Goldeye lichen (Teloschistes exilis) on Wild Plum.


Wild Plum with an Eastern Tent Caterpillar casing. 

Split-beard grass.

Icicles were 1 – 2 inches. Not real impressive, but that is fine by me. No trees are being damaged. Fingers crossed that tomorrow is not bad either. 

On the Feb 4th post the Plague Doctor , I showed you the photos of the “zipper” clouds. I found these articles that explains them better.

Wikipedia explanation: A fallstreak hole (also known as a cavum, hole punch cloud, punch hole cloud, skypunch, cloud canal or cloud hole)  

Keep looking!


  1. Wow, the icy splitbeard bluestem is my very favorite! And thanks for sharing the links about the fallstreak holes.

  2. Suzanne, Are you getting any ice? Road to Gainesville was little bit slick early yesterday according to Jim, but had cleared by 10am when he headed home.

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