Grasslands before the cold gets here

 Do you got all the makings for soup this week? I’m ready! And this will be the last day this week of a reasonable temperature to be out. It was misting when I left the house and had to use wipers. By the time I got to the unit, thankfully the mist had stopped.

Gracie was ready to go!

This is a neat dip between two deep gullies.

Close  up of it.

Here is a view that might help you see the scale across the gullies.
This is a kiln for cooking potash that is in the side of the gully.

Moss is growing on it now. I might been told how old the kiln is but sorry I don’t remember exactly but I think late 1800’s.

Down in creek! Plenty of maidenhair fern in the creek. This area is the very first place I saw the maidenhair fern. Brings back memories of Shirley pointing it out to me on a First Wednesday outing.
That will be all today. I will continue with more photos on the next post. I’m pooped.
Keep looking!


  1. Judy, no clue if kiln was for a homestead or a business. Forest Service biologist might have told but I don’t remember. Yep cool!

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