Kansas is the name of an American rock band. In 1977 they release a song called “Dust in the Wind”. The song seems appropriate today I think.

At 11:18 am there were still clouds lingering but the wind had already started to gust as Gracie, the anemometer shows.

At 1:24 pm the clouds were gone and I can see the haze on the southwestern horizon.

At 2:40 pm the sky is not so blue.

At 3:18 pm, even more dust in the air.
Blackberry patch with back of leaves showing!

Close up.

The patch usually looks like this out of the wind. 

Bobwhite poop. It was old and I have not seen them since spring here at the house.

3:22 pm. It is thick. I worn my Covid mask out this afternoon.
This is at 5:04 pm.

So much dust, it is hard to see the sun between the two left pine trees at 546 pm.

Here is what the visual satellite image looked like at 3:52 pm.

Keep looking!


  1. The photos after 3:30 really show that dust. Amazing. We have a strong north wind this morning and wondering if the dust will work its way down here.
    Really nice series of photos you have to show that progress.

  2. Luckily it did not come down this way.
    Love those game cameras for seeing things we cannot see in the dark.
    I am a night owl but don't have the eyes of one to see in the dark. Bought a night vision binocular gadget but have never seen anything through it.
    We set up the game camera the other day on our barn to see where the fox comes through from its daytime sleeping quarters on our barn loft. That was fun. But the ringtails always steal the show. Plus one skunk i believe is one of last year's babies by the markings.

  3. Kathy, i love the game cameras. If i wasn’t so lazy I might put ours up again. Yours with the dead deer was so interesting. So a great idea to focus on it. Makes me ALMOST want to put something out dead. Lol

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