Weird find

The sky had a lot of contrails today. It was cold this morning with a low of 23. However there was not much frost on the ground. Glad there was no wind and plenty of sunshine at noon! By the afternoon it was not so blue.

At sunset the sky was full of many different types of clouds.

Old Plainsman’s (Hymenopappus scabiosaeus var corymbosus) rosettes can be easily be found in the winter.

It is amazing how insect or spider casing can survive the cold.

Ladies-tresses (Spiranthes) leaf. By the time the Spiranthes blooms in the fall these leaves will have been eaten or they die back. I do know that something does eat them.

First of the season Tiny Bluet (Houstonia pusilla).

First of the season Henbit (Lamium amplexcaule). It is a non-native.

The Western Horse Nettle (Solanum dimidiatum) fruit or I usually just call it nightshade.  I like the different shades as it gets older.

Someone left a bit of fur behind on the blackberry branch. Ouch!

This was a weird find this morning. Jim spotted the corn on our path! If you look close at the bottom you can see the deer track. We don’t put out corn. Apparently a deer must have cough up the corn.  

Interesting article… 

635 million-year-old fungi-like microfossil that bailed us out of an ice age discovered

Keep looking!



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