Signs give us information.

Signs can tell humans information.

A sign like this can give a warning and shows some shooting fool has been in the area. Signs are important sources of information for nature as well.
This Post Oak leaf is a sign that a mammal is in heat. I’m sure the male critter read that sign.

Rabbit fur is sign that something probably got a good meal.

Half of a Field Cricket on the barb. This tells you that a Loggerhead Shrike is in the area. I wonder if the shrike will come back to finish the cricket off.

Plants are showing signs. This Yellow Flax (Linum rigidum) has been up for at least a month preparing itself for the new season.

Deep blue sky says there is a high pressure system over us.

A gall with a hole means the insect has emerged.

A pile of scat lets you know what the creature has been eating. In this case something furry.

Here the Bur Oak acorns have holes to let you know an Acorn Weevil or some other insect has been there.

Signs are everywhere. We just have to know how to read them.

Keep looking!


  1. You are welcome Judy. I bet your place down here got some too. It was wide spread.
    Mary I love the theme. Nature explorers like ourselves constantly do this, look for signs of things, clues to activities of creatures. So many people don't slow down to look at these signs and try to figure out what they say. I find it fascinating! I'm always analyzing scat, what kind of berry, seed or fur. I'll have to photograph the tufts of fur I told you about and see if you can figure out who it came from.

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