Four hours…

Four hours is how long the snow came down. 

We did our first walk about 11am. The wind was out of the west so Gracie only got snow mostly on one side of her.
This big snow drift was at our back door LOL. It was the only place I saw any snow on the ground.

A few of our pines had a little bit of snow.

This snag shows off the twist in its growth better with its snow.

At the tops of some of trees in our woods I found the most snow.

Hot cocoa was the best part for this cold day!

Kathy shared some of her snow photos with me. This is looking out Kathy’s window (which is near Fredericksburg). She definitely got more snow than me. This bent tree she uses for vines. She has birdfeeders and suet feeders. Everyone got more snow than me.
Another longer view out Kathy’s window.

One of Kathy’s guests, a Carolina Wren!
Aren’t these cool trees at Kathy’s house! Thanks Kathy for sharing!

I walked by the stinkhorn today and it looked like a owl today LOL.
Keep looking!


  1. It snowed from about 9am until 3pm non stop. But it melted pretty quickly so it shows less than it did. but this is way more than we normally get down here with our lower moisture. My favorite thing to see when we go to the Adirondacks or Colorado in winter is the snow gathering on the tree limbs. The way the white outlines the dark makes for neat visuals. So I was thrilled to get a little of that here! The birds have been crazy active. And the loggerhead shrike came right up to the cabin twice today.

  2. Kathy, It always seems crazy when south of Wise gets the snow. Just doesn't seem natural LOL
    Appreciated you sharing your snow!

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