Only a short walk today

 I kinda of got sided tracked with various things. One was a real cool moss. I will share it tomorrow. 

A white-wing dove feather that I found along the fence.

More of the feathers. It is interesting because this is the same place that I found the Mourning Dove feathers a few weeks back. 

The feathers were scattered about 8 feet along the fence. Probably because it was getting pretty windy. It must be a favorite route for some bird of prey I reckon.

And once again the Spring Beauty opened up even though there was not much sun today and the temperature dropped into the upper 40’s by the afternoon.

Keep looking!


  1. I came across a big tuft of hair from something like the fox or coon. Somebody must have had a fight and lost some hair. wish I could figure out the rest of the story there. Finding feathers from something eaten is pretty easy but this bunch of hair that was yanked out and laying just like it did on the animal makes me think somebody bit somebody.

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