47 vs 52

What do you see? It is 47 degrees about 11:15 am and you can see dirt, debris, and a few Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus virginiana) berries.

Now it is 52 degrees and about 2pm.

Closeup. The Harvester ants in my observations will not come out until it is at least 50+ degrees. I’m not sure of the exact temperature because I have not sat and watched to see the exact temperature. Maybe I will some day or if you do let me know your findings.

Keep watching!



  1. Oh boy sounds like a challenge. I have not paid attention to what the temperature was but I have walked past our many harvester ants and notice lack of activity and latter they are out. So I'll have to give that a try. I bet it also matters if there is sun shining. Overcast may need a warmer temperature of the air where sunshine would warm the soil.

  2. Kathy, A friend of Claire's who studied ants said she had seen them out at less than 50 degrees but it was in the evening. I'm not generally outside after supper now. But it would be interesting to check. Yes, take the challenge 😉

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