Plum interesting

Eggs of the Eastern Tent Caterpillar Moth (Malacosoma americanaover) overwinter on wild plum trees (Prunus).

Same kind of eggs as above. The eggs are so pretty and glossy.

Backside of an old Praying Mantis egg casing with a foliose lichen growing on it on the wild plum tree.

The Loggerhead Shrike uses the wild plum tree to cache its dinner. I probably see shrike cache the grasshoppers more often as prey than any other critter. 

So imagine my surprise to see this scorpion!

Then I spot another one! Plum interesting!

Sap oozing out of the wild plum tree.

Another Praying Mantis egg casing on the wild plum tree.

This mushroom is the same one I had featured with the spore print. Interesting to see the color change as it ages.

Crow-poison (Nothoscordum bivalve) will be in for a cold surprise in the morning.

Leaves are still hanging on the willow trees. I bet not after this week.

Keep looking!


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