Happy Thanksgiving!

 I hope everyone is having a safe and happy Thanksgiving. 🙂

Pareidolia – The perception of apparently significant patterns or recognizable images in random or accidental arrangement of shapes and lines. For example, when you look at the clouds and you might see dragons, dogs, monsters, people and so on. I have a donkey on my window in the condensation. 

Seed transport by Gracie Transportation Limited.

How do they do it…hairs and an awn. (10X)
 Pretty efficient. And Gracie didn’t even notice.

Stay safe! And keep looking!


  1. Love the donkey!
    Seeds remind me of the White Avens seeds that can grab hold. But there are many others this could be.
    We are fogged in this morning. Can't even see our field much less the highway. Hoping for rain to end our drought.

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