The rain sky gods…

 I think the rain sky gods were toying with us today. Not a drop here.

I was surprised to see this guy in the path this afternoon. This is all I saw at first.

It was about 33cm (12 inches) long. When it got tire of me, it slithered under the KR grass clump and disappeared.

The scales are keeled. There are four subspecies of the Lined snake (Tropidoclonion lineatum). Since this is Texas SO maybe it is Texas Lined snake (Tropidoclonion lineatum texanum)???

It was an eye catching piece of a beetle. Nature can not be out done.

Keep looking!


  1. I felt a single drop of rain on me this evening. Better chance tonight. Very nice catching snake with tongue out! And cool plant article!

  2. That's a very interesting article. Not surprising that humans can be a major evolutionary driver. And I love your snake find!

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