Sunshine is back!

 Yeah, for the sunshine I say but of course grateful for the rain we got.

The wood of a dead Live Oak (Quercus fusiformis). Kinda of an oxymoron, eh.

A few scales left on the armadillo tail.
Snake skin in our garden pond.

The Loggerhead Shrike has a new item on its menu…the  field cricket (Gryllus genus).

A stinkhorn (Phallus hadriani) was knocked over. You can see it is hollow and spongey-like.

I don’t know what is going with these Blackburn’s Earth-boring Beetles (Geotrupes blackburnii). It is like they have been drinking the hard stuff. I thought this afternoon they would be gone and at the very least livelier, since it has warmed up (62 degrees at my house). There are over 20 these beetles in 6 foot area.

Keep looking!

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