Did you guess…

 Armadillo? That is what it was. It had died about a month ago. Gracie did try to gnaw on it then. It was not stinky enough to roll in at that time. But she decided to bring the tail over to the path yesterday. Only thing left of it now is the tail and the part of the outer “shell” or carapace. I imagine the coyotes took the rest.

Puddle! So grateful for the rain last night! I think most of the rain soaked in here. It has been a month since the last rain I think.
These stinkhorns (Phallus hadriani) are not showing the slimy spore mass yet at the top. But the volva (veil which encloses the fruiting body, often persisting after rupture as a sheath at the base of the stalk) is pinkish so that is what makes it the Phallus hadriani.

Frostweed (Verbesina virginica) barely hanging on.

Sap on a Common Persimmon (Diospyros virginiana). 
I see a head with a beak. What do you see in it?

Stay warm and keep looking!

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