Did you put a rock in your pocket yesterday?

 Our high wind gust yesterday was 32mph!  So maybe a rock in the pocket might have kept someone from blowin’ away?

What I have always called tickleweed was blowing up against the fences.  On the way to town, I saw  a six strand barbwire fence covered in the tickleweeds. This photo was from yesterday when the wind was out of the south. I didn’t walk that way today to see if it had got higher.
Most of the weeds in my path were Tumble windmillgrass (Choris verticillata).

Another component of the weeds along my fence was this  Lovegrass (Eragrostis species). In the fall, many of the Eragrostis seed heads will break off and tumble in the wind.

The prairie is so beautiful waving in the wind!
I also found this dead female Rainbow Scarab (Phanaeus vindex). The males have the same coloration but have a single big ole horn on their head.

Side view. Not hard to see why the common name is Rainbow Scarab.

Keep on looking!

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