A lot of frass

 I know there is a lot of frass in the national news these days, but this frass (frass is insect poop) I have been waiting for this fall.  

This is under two of our Bois D’arc trees (Maclura pomifera). The fatter one is a sphinx caterpillar’s frass. The host plant for the Hagen’s Sphinx (Ceratomia hagei) is the Bois D’arc. I could not see any of the cats, but the frass is small yet. All the sphinx moth caterpillars leave similar shaped frass. So nature’s frass is good and leaves signs for you to discover more. I am not sure of the longer frass, but I will guess grasshoppers.
This is last fall (2019) of the Hagen’s Sphinx caterpillar.
This is what the adult moth looks like. I took this photo in May of 2019.

So keep looking for signs of nature in action!

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