Back and forth

Every day, twice a day, the local Canada Geese fly by first one way, then back. The flock has grown from just two in the spring to about 35 now.

 Eryngo (Eryngium leavenworthii)

Meshweb weaver spider and insect prey

A hundred is my guesstimate of the millipedes on my backporch.


Corn Earworm  (Helicoverpa zea) on Buffalo Bur (Solanum rostratum
It does not seem to mind the prickly spines on the seed pod.

Another view

Chickweed Geometer (Haematopis grataria

This little moth is only about 15mm (5/8 in). 

Keep on looking!


  1. I do not know where the geese are going. To the south there is a small conservation lake on private property so maybe… And have no idea about north of us.

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