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 Yesterday, I said that I might be able to find an answer on the little white bug on the Maximillian Sunflower. I think I got it.

Here it is again so you don’t have to go back to previous post.

It is an Ensign Scale (Ortheziidae). Family was as close as I could get. There are a lot of different species in that family. The yellow on the back is from the flower I think.

This is the underside. Pretty bug and they can be found on many parts of their host plants.

Often time I find something that looks like this cocoon, but I don’t always find something in them. 

This time I found the exuviae (the skin it sheds).

AND the spider! It is a Jumping Spider (maybe Phanias genus)!
Closeup of its eyes. Love the little hairs around the eyes.

Cricket (True Crickets Gryllidae family) found dead under rotten wood.

Last night I found this scorpion by my backdoor. Sure easier to spot with a UV light.

Migration continues from Oklahoma!

Hard to believe that I am so lucky to have a SECOND Tuberosa species! The Big-eyed Tuberosa (Vegettuber alba subspecies cimexoculus) must be migrating too! So fantastic! It is easy to see that this is of the Vegettuber genus with it toothpick-like legs and the skin.

Keep on looking!


  1. Too funny!

    On a more serious note, did you chill the little white scale creature to make him hold still for the microscope?

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